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Used like a nasal pillow CPAP mask but without tubing or a machine
FDA Cleared 
The proprietory valve allows
you to breathe in with
minimal resistance, but
during exhalation, the air
flow is redirected through a
narrow side hole with more
resistance to air flow.  This
resistance generates positive pressure in the back of the mouth during expiration alleviating upper airway obstruction. The pressure during expiration can be adjusted to your comfort level simply by rotating the sleeve to close or open the side hole.
Safe, Effective , and Convenient
The only nasal pillow mask that
works without a CPAP machine
       FDA cleared.
       No power supply.
       No CPAP machine.
       No prescription.
       Money back guarantee.
​       Ideal for use during flight.
Ideal for use during travel, flight or camping
  1. Convenient
  2. Portable
  3. Effective
    Ideal for use during flight. Snoring in public is not attractive.
In general, expiratory resistance devices have been shown to be safe and effective for use during sleep. Optipillows EPAP mask is cleared for alleviation of snoring and like other devices, it uses expiratory resistance technology and is backed by physiological and clincal data.