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FDA Cleared Technology
Don't get caught snoring without it !
Studies published in medical journals have shown that EPAP devices work well for all severities of obstructive sleep apnea. Apnea Hypopnea Index is improved, daytime sleepiness is reduced,  and oxygen saturation is improved (Berry et al Sleep 2012).  The OptiPillows EPAP mask will do the same and perhaps better.
Are you tired of your CPAP machine? An effective alternative is here. We introduce a new EPAP mask, OptiPillows      for snoring and sleep apnea. The first of its kind. It's not a CPAP mask. OptiPillows     works without a CPAP machine and requires no power supply. You can use it any place and move freely without restrictions. 
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OptiPillows uses EPAP technology, FDA cleared for treating snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The EPAP mask uses the same technology as Provent and Theravent and is very patient friendly. Furthermore the EPAP mask is reusable and allows you to adjust the expiratory resistance and pressure, making it easy to adapt and perhaps more effective.
Were you ever embarrassed during a flight because you fell asleep and started to snore?  OptiPillows is an easy and effective way to stop snoring. 

Whether you are a light snorer or a heavy snorer, OptiPillows can be adjusted to your need.

Keep it in your pocket and use it when needed.
Ideal for use during flight
Don't get caught snoring without it !
OptiPillows   EPAP Mask
Works like a CPAP Mask, But without tubing or a machine
How much pressure does the EPAP mask generate?
Studies were conducted under well controlled conditions, and the following results were obtained.
Peak Expiratory Pressure generated by the EPAP Mask

With side port fully open                  With side port 50% open                     With side port 25% open

1 to 3 cmH2O pressure                    3 to 7 cmH2O pressure                         8 to 14 cmH2O pressure
It is highly recommended that the EPAP mask be used with the lowest resistance for as long as necessary until the user becomes fully comfortable and is able to fall asleep without problems. Thereafter the resistance can be increased.