No CPAP machine.
No power supply.
No tubing.
Guaranteed or your money back.
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The proprietary valve allows you to generate pressure during expiration. The pressure during expiration can be adjusted to your comfort simply by turning the rotating sleeve. 
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 If you are not ready to give up your CPAP machine, use 
the EPAP mask during travels. Ideal for use during flight.
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Snoring affects most of the adult population, and can have adverse effects on your health.

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The world's first nasal pillow mask that works without a CPAP machine. 
Safe and convenient

OptiPillows   EPAP Mask
It cannot be any easier !

Wear it and go to sleep. The mask
does the rest. Wear it and take it off as many times as you wish. 
No CPAP Machine
Works like a CPAP Mask, But without tubing or a machine
Ideal for use during flight
FDA Cleared Technology
Provent and Theravent EPAP devices are great devices that have been successfully shown to work for many people with snoring and sleep apnea. OptiPillows EPAP mask works using a similar technology as Provent and Theravent. Keep it in your pocket, use it and reuse it many times.